Summit Group Hero Homes

Purpose: To give back to the selfless people who are currently serving our community or our country now or have served in the past. It’s our small way of saying thank you!

Who qualifies: 
Veterans, Active or Retired Military, Police, Firefighters and EMS. 

Seller Commission Benefit: 
Rebate check at closing for 20% of our listing commission.

Buyer Commission Benefit
Rebate check at closing for 20% of our buyers commission.



                 Valued Partner Benefits:

Free Appraisal - Brian Nichols, Fairway Mortgage 

NMLS#2289 * will be applied as a lender credit at closing*                  ______________________________________________


             $65 Discount off of home inspections  

      Front Line Home Inspectors

      Inspectors / Owners -Sean Hathaway/Max Bacher           



$45 Discount on home warranty - 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty
Nancy Douglas, Representative         ______________________________________________

            5% Homeowners Insurance Policy rebate
              Eric Schlaubach, State Farm Insurance

       10% Discount on local moves & free valuation (insurance)

              Relco Move - A Moving Services Concierge 

                           Owner John Burkhardt                    ______________________________________________

       10% off of Vacant Staging and Photography Services

     Rough Diamond - Owner and Lead Stager, Amy Vartenuk  ______________________________________________


**Here’s the fine print - must be willing to furnish validation of Military affiliation, or first responder if asked. Discount is available directly to those who directly served or are serving, not for friends and family of those who have server or are serving.